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Glad you asked! Each model offers users a unique and sparkling experience. Here are some bubble points so you can choose the Sparkling Water Maker that best fits your needs: Spirit: A compact and cordless design, that is compatible with all our reusable plastic bottles. Press the carbonating button until you reach your desired fizziness and enjoy! (H:45’’ W 12.2’’ D: 23’’) One Touch: This easy-to-use electric design is compatible with all our reusable plastic bottles. Speedy fizz-action, and 3 levels of carbonation to choose from – just plug in and enjoy fresh sparkling water - at the touch of a button! (H:43’’ W 13.4’’ D: 20’’) Crystal: Sleek and cordless, this design is compatible with our glass carafes and will look absolutely stunning on your countertop! (H:42’’ W 12.2’’ D: 23’’)

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