Soda Press Classic Indian Tonic

The worlds first clear Organic Tonic Syrup. This clear organic tonic delivers an ultra-dry, bittersweet touch to your home bar. Our high-grade quinine is extracted from real Cinchona Bark from the Fever Tree, sustainably collected from deep within the Congolese highlands.

The citrus tones and subtle botanical flavour combined with burnt bergamot peel, provides the platform for your gin to dance without the fear of being swamped by inferior mainstream tonics. Why compromise your gin with sugary 'fake quinine' tonic?

50% less sugar than leading tonic brand Finalist NZ food awards 2015 - Silver Royal Tasmanian Fine Food awards 2015 - Category winner - Best new Retail Product - Fine Food Australia 2015

Water, Organic Sugar,Organic Rice Syrup, Monk Fruit Juice (Reconstituted), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Natural Flavour, Cinchona Bark Extract (CONTAINS QUININE).

Tip: Make sure you give you SodaStream sparkling water some extra fizz as it has to work extra hard with the viscosity of the other ingredients.

Certified Organic No artificial ingredients 45% LESS SUGAR* Gluten Free NON-GMO Vegan NO STEVIA *Than Schweppes regular tonic water, ANZ 2017(ref.


SKU: 1024807640

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