Sparkling Water Drinks - A Healthy Alternative to Store-Bought Sodas

Sparkling Water Drinks - A Healthy Alternative to Store-Bought Sodas

Have you ever stopped to compare the nutritional facts listed on a can of soda with those listed on a sparkling water drink? You may be surprised by what you find. Sparkling water drinks often contain fewer calories, sugar, and added ingredients, making them the ideal alternatives to sugary store-bought sodas.

Sparkling water is making a splash

These days, more and more people are looking for healthier alternatives to introduce into their diet and lifestyle, and sparkling water is all the rage, regardless of whether the water’s carbonation occurred naturally, or if carbon dioxide was added to the water later on to create that crave-worthy fizz.

Benefits beyond great, fun taste

There are many advantages to choosing sparkling water drinks over sugary store-bought sodas, aside from their great taste and lack of chemicals, additives, and artificial sweeteners.

They can settle the stomach. Sparkling water contains something called sodium bicarbonate, a mineral that can help settle an upset stomach. It is something you will often find in many over-the-counter antacids and stomach tablets.

They can reduce morning sickness. If you are pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, sipping on cold sparkling water in the morning may go a long way in helping you feel less queasy. Try adding a little ginger which is known for its nausea-curbing properties.

They can help with weight loss. When you regularly drink sparkling water, you may feel fuller for longer, thanks to the bubbles. This is why many people find that sparkling water works wonders as an appetite suppressant. However, never replace your meal with just sparkling water. You need calories and nutrients from food to function and feel well.

They’re easier on the wallet. Another advantage of sparkling water is the money you can potentially save on your weekly grocery bill. Compare the price of sugary sodas of sparkling water. Or, self-carbonate your water at home and save even more money, with SodaStream.

SodaStream’s self-carbonation machine is easy to use and comes with a CO2 canister and reusable bottles. Simply add the water, press the button, and you will have delicious fizzy and bubbly water at your disposal. No more single-use plastics or wasted money on soda bottles.

The best part? You can choose from a variety of flavor options to further customize your drink. If you love the tangy taste of cola or the bite of root beer, you’re in luck. SodaStream has flavor options that closely mimic these classic favorites.

If you prefer fruit juice flavors, SodaStream’s Fruit Drops come in apple, cranberry, pineapple, coconut, and many other options.

Final Thoughts

SodaStream offers a natural and healthy alternative to sugar-packed sodas and can potentially save you a staggering 100,000 calories every year. You won't have to worry about consuming empty calories or gaining weight because you chose to go the healthy hydration route.

SodaStream is also much more cost-effective. It can help you cut down on financial, health and well-being costs, for the long-term.

With so many benefits to drinking sparkling water, you are probably wondering why you didn't make the switch earlier.