Soda Alternatives By SodaStream

Soda Alternatives By SodaStream

If you’re someone who drinks a lot of soda, you may want to stop right away. Unfortunately, you may find that you’re addicted to sugar, and this can make it hard to go cold-turkey. If you’re looking for soda alternatives, you’ll want to consider drinking carbonated water.

Studies have found that carbonated water is a useful soda alternative. In this article, we’ll outline why soda is so bad for you and some of the soda alternatives that you should consider.

Why Is Soda So Bad For You?

Soda is one of the worst beverages we can put in our body. Unfortunately, many of us have at least one can of soda a day. Why is soda so bad for you?

Offers Zero Nutritional Value

For one, the beverage does not offer any nutritional value. When you drink a soda, you’re consuming up to 200 calories in a 12-ounce can. These are empty calories that can lead to weight gain. The same goes for diet sodas too.

Drinking diet soda also contributes to weight gain. Diet sodas also contain artificial sweeteners that many people think can cause a number of different health problems, including cancer, depression, attention deficit disorder, and even seizures.

Highly Acidic

Soda is also highly-acidic, which could cause problems for your stomach. The acid in soda can destroy the lining of your stomach and can cause heartburn and acid reflux disease. The acid in soda will also damage the enamel of your teeth and encourage tooth decay.

Stops Calcium Absorption

Soda also contains phosphoric acid. This is something that can make it harder for your body to absorb calcium. It can cause the bones to become fragile and weakened. Bad bone health can lead to osteoporosis - simply put, a porous bone. There is also a connection between poor calcium absorption and tooth decay.


Finally, soda is terrible for your health because it dehydrates you. Our bodies are 60 percent water, and we need to make sure we are drinking plenty of water each day. However, soda acts as a diuretic. We lose the water instead of absorbing it. Soda is also high in sugar and sodium, which could both also contribute to dehydration.

Why Switch To Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is a natural soda alternative. If you’re struggling to kick your soda addiction, you’ll want to consider making the switch. Carbonated waters, such as the ones offered by SodaStream, do not contain any high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. They are also just as effective for hydration as spring water. You’ll find yourself feeling much happier and healthier when making the switch to carbonated water.

Additionally, many people find carbonated water much more comfortable to drink than spring water. While people struggle to get spring water down, they enjoy carbonated water because it is flavorful and has the same fizziness as soda. With natural flavors, you’ll find carbonated water as easy to drink as soda. You’ll trick your body into thinking its drinking soda, without causing nearly as much damage.

Carbonated water also does not impact tooth enamel. This is one of the biggest myths associated with the product. It’s not the carbonation in soda that causes tooth enamel to break down; it’s the acid. Drinking carbonated water can help protect your tooth enamel.

Carbonated water like sparkling mineral water and club soda contains calcium. So, while soda prevents your body from absorbing calcium, certain types of carbonated water could actually encourage absorption.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking to make the switch from sugary soda, you’ll need to find tasty soda alternatives. Fortunately, at SodaStream, we make it easy for you to find delicious soda alternatives.

One of our favorite soda alternatives is our Diet Cola flavor. We flavor this product naturally. It does not contain any of the harmful stuff you find in soda.

One container can make up to nine liters of a delicious beverage. Best of all, a bottle costs less than $6, which means you’ll also be saving a good amount of money compared to the cost of soda on your next grocery trip. Both your body and your wallet will thank you for making the switch!

If you’re unsure which flavor you’d like to try, consider buying our Diet Fountain Style Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack. Instead of one container of diet cola mix, you’ll receive four. Each bottle can produce up to nine liters of soda alternatives. You can purchase the four-pack for less than $24. In the pack of four, you’ll find the following popular flavors:

  • Diet Root Beer
  • Diet Cola
  • Diet Dr. Pete
  • Diet Orange
The best part is that you control how much flavoring you add to your carbonated water. This provides you with the power to make the drink as sweet or unsweet as you’d like. Best of all, the products contain natural flavors. At SodaStream, we pride ourselves on offering soda alternatives, helping our customers live healthier lives.