Carbonated Flavored Water - The Possibilites are Endless!

Carbonated Flavored Water – The Possibilities are Endless!

Sparkling water has been growing more and more popular in recent years. People are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, avoid sugary and artificially-sweetened sodas, and turn to the world of carbonated water as a source of healthy hydration. With SodaStream, you get the flavorful, bubbly effects of carbonated water you once craved in sugary sodas, while confidently leaving the sugar, the calories and the health risks behind.

Here’s why carbonating your water with SodaStream will have you struggling to remember why you ever chose to enslave yourself to your store-bought sugary soda addiction:

SodaStream flavored sparkling water is good for you…

SodaStream machines carbonate your water. And while you can add flavors to enhance your drinking experience, you are still essentially drinking carbonated water, without the other ingredients typically present in sodas. This is great, as carbonated water is a great source of healthy hydration, which is important because even a mild case of dehydration can make a person irritable and fatigued. It can also wreak havoc on your hair and eyes, making them look dull. When you SodaStream over buying sugary sodas and beverages, you are taking that step in the right direction toward a healthier lifestyle.

…And it tastes great too!

The bubbles and a wide variety of available flavors create a party for your taste buds, without putting a strain on your body with excess sugar, calories, or chemicals. Choose from many different available flavor options that match your mood and taste cravings. SodaStream sparkling water flavors come in classic soda tastes, diet flavors, unsweetened fruit essences, juice mixes, and organic options.

Classic soft drink flavors

Cola and other fountain drink flavors such as Dr Pete, Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange, Root Beer, Tonic, and Cream Soda can turn your carbonated water into a fun fizzy beverage. Caffeinated and non-caffeinated options are available to meet your hydration and alertness needs head-on.

Can't decide which flavor to taste? Try our fountain-style sparkling drink mix variety pack that includes all the popular classic flavors: Cola, Root Beer, Dr Pete, and Orange Soda.

You can customize each of your drinks to fit your tastes and preferences by adding as much or as little flavor to your water as you want. This is something you simply can't do with traditional soda and other carbonated beverages.


Diet options

Most of the classic flavors are also available in diet form. These flavors do not contain any calories, high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame, so you can stay hydrated and healthy and can ditch those commercial energy drinks that are often loaded with ingredients you can't even pronounce. There is even a diet energy drink option if you are someone that who needs an extra boost to help them through the day.

Fruit Drops – the unsweetened essences

For those of us who love fruits but could do without the sugar and calories, SodaStream’s all-natural and unsweetened fruit drops are a life saver. These fruit drop flavors are all-natural, contain no calories and no artificial flavors. There are no calories to worry about, no artificial flavors, and each bottle will provide you with approximately 80 servings of fruity carbonated water.

9 essences of fruit and berries are available for your pleasure, plus 3 variety packs of five because obviously we need to try them all.

Fruit flavors for carbonated water

Are you a fan of the classic fruit flavors like apple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit, peach, and grape? You can find these and a lot more under the fruit flavors tab. Welch's Concord Grape is just one fruit variety you can choose from.

Organic and small-batch flavors

If you tend to reach for organic items when shopping, then you’ll be pleased to discover that SodaStream offers an entire line of organic options.

Find your favorite classics, like the Organic Classic Indian Tonic or Old Fashioned Lemonade, or experiment by trying innovative combinations like Raspberry Mint. These 500ml bottles can make up to thirteen drinks and can be used in your favorite cocktails, mocktails, and mixes. They contain 50% less sugar than most other commercial brands, but be sure to add in some extra fizz to get the feel you seek.

To sum

As you can see, there are so many available flavors that make SodaStream the perfect alternative to commercial soda consumption. And the wide variety of available flavors make SodaStreaming a great choice for kids and grown-ups alike.