• 1/2 cup sugar
• 1/2 cup water
• 1- 2 jalapenos, de-seeded & roughly de-seeded & roughly chopped (amount based on how spicy you want it)

• For the chilli lime salt rim: flaked sea salt +
• crushed chilli + lime rind
• 60ml (2 shots) tequila blanco (white tequila)
• 60ml (2 shots) grapefruit juice
• 30ml (1 shot) lime juice
• 30ml (1 shot) jalapeño sigas syrup
• To top: Dash SodaStream sparkling water mixed with Soda Press Co. grapefruit organic soda syrup (ratio is 170ml sparkling water to 30ml syrup)

• Grapefruit wedge
• Jalapeno

1. To prepare the SodaStream sparkling water: Fill a SodaStream 1 Litre Bottle to the fill line with cold water and carbonate.

2. To make the jalapeño sugar syrup: pop the sugar, water and chopped jalapeño in a small saucepan and mix until the sugar is
melted. Turn off the heat, and allow to infuse for 30 minutes. Strain and cool completely.

3. Rim the glass: pour flaked sea salt in a bowl, rim a glass with cut lime, then rim then using circular motions in the bowl. Fill with
ice (try to fill it as much as possible as this will keep the glass as cold as possible and prevent the drink from getting too watery).

4. To make the palomas: fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add the tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice and jalapeño sugar syrup, cover and shake for about 20 seconds, until the shaker is very cold.

5. To serve: Strain into the prepared glass. Top with a dash of prepared SodaStream grapefruit flavoured sparkling water for a little bit of fizz. Garnish with grapefruit wedge and fresh jalapeño.

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