Kiwis Drink More when it Sparkles!

Independent water consumption survey results

An independent survey released by SodaStream New Zealand reveals that over 60% of New Zealanders don’t think they drink enough water, despite inarguable evidence that hydration is crucial to health and the vast majority admitting they feel better when they do!

Less than 5% of total respondents drink more than the recommended eight glasses of water per day, and more than a quarter of Kiwis drink less than two.

The survey indicates that men drink less water than women, with almost 80% of males drinking less than four glasses of water per day.

Kiwis over 40 years of age particularly show a strong preference for coffee and tea, while under 40s are twice as likely to favour soft drinks and energy drinks than their 40+ counterparts.

With many survey respondents indicating they would prefer to drink sparkling water if it was available, SodaStream commissioned a further study to investigate whether the presence of a SodaStream machine in a household could contribute to better hydration.

Incredibly, participants drank a whopping 30% more water when they had access to a SodaStream machine – a difference of up to 21 glasses of water per week for some.

The New Zealand based study followed the water drinking habits of a group of Kiwi families over two weeks – the first week without a SodaStream machine, the second with one. The findings showed a significant increase in the amount of water each family consumed when they had access to sparkling water through the SodaStream machine, and a decrease in the consumption of sugar laden soft drinks.

Mark Stephenson from SodaStream New Zealand says he was pleased to see that having a SodaStream machine could have a positive impact on Kiwis’ health.

“Simply using SodaStream to turn tap water into sparkling water – without necessarily having to add any flavours – can have a big impact on how appealing it is to drink more water,” says Stephenson.

“It’s a healthy option that helps you to increase hydration without adding sugar or empty calories.”

SodaStream machines are available from all leading retailers, starting at RRP $119.99.