SodaStream Cost Effective, Convenient & Eco-Friendly Soda Makers

Everything you need to start making your own fresh, sparkling water at home

Each of our Soda Machine packs come with everything you need to get started; a SodaStream Machine, a SodaStream Gas Cylinder and a SodaStream Carbonating Bottle.

Our sparkling water makers are fashionable, sleek and convenient, turning regular cold tap water or filtered water into refreshing fizzy drinks in just seconds. SodaStream sparkling water makers operate without batteries, electricity or plumbing, making them an energy-efficient home appliance and the perfect accessory that you can take with you anywhere you may want to enjoy a refreshing sparkling drink – on a road trip, camping, onboard your boat or to the local park for lunch. The carbonation in the soda is a result of the compressed gas stored in the SodaStream carbonator.

Try adding some fresh seasonal fruit to your glass of fizzy to keep it healthy or easily add in one of our delicious SodaStream Soda Mixes which come in a variety of flavours: Cola, Crafted Ginger Beer, Cream Soda, Orange and much more. SodaStream has also released a new refreshingly fruity range, SodaStream Waters Fruits, that are 100% natural and perfect for those wanting a delicious healthier alternative to the usual soda water flavours in our Soda Mixes.

Our Sparkling Water Makers are a convenient, cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to buying bottled club soda from the supermarket or convenience stores. If you would like to know more about the many soda water benefits and keep up to date with the latest range from SodaStream, make sure you head on over to the Blog Section on the website.

Make water exciting with SodaStream. Browse our sparkling water makers below and find the perfect one for your home.