Authorised Retailers

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How to replace the cartridge

Unscrew the  empty cartridge from your machine and take it to one of the SodaStream retailers that are close to you throughout the country. This includes small and at major retailers, currently selling the SodaStream range.

Swap your bottle for a full one only paying for the gas.

(Note: you must ask at the customer service counter. Refilled cylinders are not sold on the shelves)




How to Recognise an Original Cartridge..

SodaStream cylinders should ONLY be filled by a SodaStream authorised filler. DO NOT attempt to refill your gas cylinder or use any gas cylinder that has not been filled by a SodaStream agent.

In order to guarantee the safety of our cylinders they are manufactured with specific safety features and checked at each refill for overall condition.

All SodaStream refilled cylinders will have the following identifiers; 

  • SodaStream company logo on the label cartridge 
  • The upper valve will be sealed with a cap and shrink-wrapped seal

The company Sodastream NZ owns all NZ SodaStream cylinders. Permission has been granted only to the user, for use only in SodaStream devices for the purpose of fizzing water.

Any alternative or unapproved refilling or use will void all guarantee.