SodaStream 30L & 60L Gas Cylinders

Fresh Sparkling Waters Made By You

With SodaStream you can now carbonate water in the comfort of your own home. Our SodaStream Cylinders create all the fizz, allowing you to control the level of fizz and the type of flavour you would like. You can also add in any of our delicious Soda Mixes to your seltzer water to make a tantalizing and refreshing drink. Our Soda Mixes come in a variety of flavours, ranging from Cola, Cream Soda, Orange, Ginger Beer and much more.

Our SodaStream Gas cylinders are available in two sizes; the 30L cylinder will make approximately 30 litres of lightly fizzy water, and the 60L cylinder will make approximately 60 litres. Please make sure you check the Gas Cylinder size is compatible with your Soda Maker before purchasing. Once your cylinder is empty, you can easily take it back to any SodaStream Authorised Retailer located in New Zealand and they will simply swap it for a full one charging you only for the gas.

SodaStream is a convenient, cost-effective, health conscious and environmentally friendly way of having fizzy water on hand at any given time. Unfortunately, due to freight restrictions, we are unable to sell the Gas Cylinders online, however you can purchase one from any one of our Authorised Retailers located throughout New Zealand.

TIP: Keeping a spare cylinder on hand will ensure you never run out of gas. You can use your backup bottle while you're waiting for your next trip to the store.