Add a splash of colour to your kitchen and brighten your day, with the brand new SodaStream Play!

Cheeky, vibrant and fun, the SodaStream Play is anything but shy.  Created by world-renowned designer Yves Béhar, it’s at home in the most stylish of kitchen spaces with its minimalist yet colourful design.

The SodaStream Play will have the whole family bubbling with ideas: sparkling water with lemon for a sophisticated weekend lunch; creative cocktails for a girls night in; or fun and fruity combinations as a healthy choice for the kids!

It’s simple to use, and with sparkling water on hand, the possibilities for delicious, imaginative and healthy sodas are endless!

Try SodaStream sparkling water with cucumber, mint and lime for a summer morning refresher. How about adding chia seeds and frozen berries for a zingy treat that gives you a great omega boost at the same time? Add honey, lemon and grated ginger for a cleansing health kick, or a splash of a SodaStream flavour for a tasty treat. 

The SodaStream Play comes with newly designed, sleek Fuse bottles that will look great on your dining table, and with a range of bright colours including yellow, red and blue, the SodaStream Play will have the whole family fizzing!

Get excited about water again with SodaStream Play. It uses water straight from the tap, and saves the average home 550 plastic bottles every year – a huge reduction in its carbon footprint.