General Questions

  • Are SodaStream plastic carbonating bottles BPA-free?

    For many years, SodaStream has demanded that our suppliers and subcontractors meet exacting specifications, so that our millions of customers worldwide can enjoy a safe and superior product that is compliant with international standards for beverage quality.

    Some topics of special concern:

    • Phthalates and PCBs: SodaStream does not use any materials in the production process that can produce phthalates or PCBs.
    • Bisphenol-A (BPA): SodaStream does not use polycarbonate materials, and therefore our products are free of this chemical compound.
    • MSDS sheets and certificates of supplier conformity are available upon request.
  • Are SodaStream's products recyclable?

    Yes. Many of SodaStream’s consumable packages are completely recyclable, once they’ve outlived their useful lives. Remember that carbonating bottles are reusable up to 3 years before they need to be replaced, and Penguin glass carafes may be used indefinitely, provided they remain free from cracks or other damage. Check with your municipal recycling authority to find out how to recycle your SodaStream items.

  • How long has SodaStream been in business?

    SodaStream is the world leader in Home Carbonation Systems, founded in 1903, with over 10 million drinks makers sold in more than 39 countries around the world.

  • Why should I buy a home drinks maker?

    Soda lovers can enjoy delicious, freshly-made soda at home using a SodaStream drinks maker! People buy soda makers for many reasons.

    The most popular benefits include:

    • Quick, convenient and easy to use
    • Fresh, delicious soda in seconds
    • No more lugging heavy, bulky bottles and cans from the store
    • No more storing cases of soda
    • No more worries about running out of your favorite carbonated soft drinks
    • Over 30 great-tasting flavors, including regular, diet and caffeine-free options
    • Regular flavors have much less sugar, carbs and sodium than store-bought brands
    • Reusable BPA-free bottles and concentrated syrup cut down on recyclables and disposables, making an environmentally-friendly alternative to store-bought drinks
    • Reliable and friendly service
    • Two-year warranty


Operating Your Home Soda Maker

  • Can I add anything other than syrup?

    Syrup and MyWater flavors have been specially formulated to work with your home soda maker. However, some SodaStream customers like to add fresh fruit juice to their fizzy water instead of syrup. This is perfectly fine - as long as you try this after the water has been carbonated. Mix it in a glass or pitcher for best results.

  • Can I carbonate drinks other than water?

    No. Only water should be carbonated in the SodaStream drink makers. You risk damaging your drinks maker, not to mention making a big fizzy mess! The money-back guarantee and the warranty are both invalidated if you carbonate any liquid other than water in your drinks maker. Stick with plain cold water and adding any one of our fantastic flavors - after the water has been carbonated!

  • Can I re-fizz a drink that has gone flat?

    If you're drinking plain soda water, the answer is yes. However, if you already prepared a drink with soda syrup, the answer is no. Since only water can be carbonated in the homemade soda machine, you cannot re-carbonate once you've added syrup.

  • Do I need a special water system in order to use the product?

    No. You may use any type of water that you typically drink at home. However, we do recommend using COLD water to achieve best results.

  • How do I clean my home drinks maker?

    The soda maker should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth in lukewarm water using a non-abrasive cleanser if necessary. Be sure to remove the soda carbonator before cleansing. The machine and the PET bottles are not dishwasher-safe.

  • What kind of power source does the home drinks maker use?

    SodaStream home drinks makers operate without batteries, electricity or plumbing, making them an energy-efficient home appliance and an ideal accessory to take on the road in your RV or onboard your boat. The carbonation in your soda is purely a result of the compressed gas stored in the SodaStream carbonator.


Soda Flavored Syrups and Carbonated Soft Drinks

  • Are your products allergen-free?

    Our products are allergen-free. We define allergens as being: cereals containing gluten, seafood and shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, milk, tree nuts, celery, mustard, and sesame seeds.

  • Are your products kosher?

    SodaStream products are kosher (OU) certified. Also, please note that your carbonated drink maker can be used on the Sabbath.

  • How do you sweeten your regular flavors?

    Soda flavored syrups contain sugar (sucrose), not high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). We have chosen to formulate without high fructose corn syrup. The exception to this is Energy Drink, which indeed does contain fructose and dextrose, in addition to sucrose. In addition to sugar (sucrose), regular syrup flavors contain sucralose (Splenda® brand) and some also contain acesulfame potassium. If you have dietary concerns, please read the label of every SodaStream eco-friendly product before purchasing.

  • How long does the soda last before going flat?

    The hermetic seal on the cap keeps your soda from going flat as quickly as ordinary store-bought beverages. If you make sure to close the cap tightly, and keep the bottle in the refrigerator, your SodaStream soda should remain fizzy and fresh for over a week.

  • How much syrup should I add to a bottle?

    One of the best features of making soda at home is that you can control the level of flavor in your carbonated soft drinks. In general, use a capful of syrup for each liter of sparkling water. If you like it sweeter, add more! If you like it less sweet, use less.

  • Should I refrigerate syrup?

    Unopened bottles of soda syrup do not require refrigeration, but we do recommend that you store unopened bottles in a cool dry place. For the coldest soda, we recommend storing opened bottles of syrup in the refrigerator.

  • What is the shelf life of syrup?

    Typically, your soda syrup will arrive with 3-4 months prior to the “best before” date printed on the back of the label. Syrup is at peak drink ability before this date. However, when tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place, syrup may be consumed for several months beyond the date on the label.


SodaStream Carbonating Bottles and Caps

  • Can I use a different kind of bottle?

    Only SodaStream bottles are recommended for use with your soda maker. Damages caused by or during the use of non SodaStream bottles or Cylinders will not be covered by your warranty. SodaStream will not be responsible for any damage caused to products made by another company.

  • How do I clean my carbonating bottles?

    Carbonating bottles may be cleaned in warm water with a bottle brush and regular dish-washing liquid if necessary. Please do not place carbonating bottles in the dishwasher, as exposure to extreme heat can weaken the integrity of the bottles. Bottles stay cleanest when immediately filled with fresh water and returned to your refrigerator. Plus, you'll always have cold water on hand when you're ready for your next bottle of soda!

  • Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?

    Since the bottle has to withstand recurring pressure from carbonation, it cannot be used forever. The expiration date on the bottle must be checked and new bottles purchased as soon as the former expires. The bottles must also be replaced if put in the dishwasher, exposed to a heat source, or if they have become scratched. All components of carbonating bottles are recyclable. Check with your local recycling authority for more information.



  • Can a different company's carbonator be used?

    No, SodaStream provides a guarantee only for its own eco friendly products. We are not responsible for the products of any other company, which may damage the machine. Only SodaStream carbonators carrying identification and a nylon shrink wrap bearing the SodaStream brand name should be used.

  • Can I take my carbonator on the plane?

    Unless you are traveling in your own private jet, SodaStream advises against carrying carbonators on an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has restrictions that prohibit compressed gas cylinders in carry-on items as well as in checked baggage.

  • How often will I have to replace my carbonator?

    On average, the soda carbonator will make 60 or 30 litres of soda, depending on the size you have. This number could be more or less depending on the amount of carbonation used when making your drink. A household of four soda drinkers might need to replace a 30-litre carbonator every 3-4 weeks, and a 60-litre carbonator every 6-8 weeks, depending on usage.

  • How should the carbonator be stored?

    The carbonator contains compressed carbon dioxide (CO2). Compressed gas has a tendency to expand when it is exposed to a source of heat for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, the carbonator must not be exposed to sources of heat (such as travel in the trunk of a car) or placed right next a heat source such as an oven, stove or fireplace. It is important to always store the carbonator unit in a cool and dry environment. Every carbonator is fitted with a unique safety valve which will safely release the gas in the unlikely event the pressure in the carbonator rises.

  • Is it safe to have a carbonator in my home or kitchen?

    Absolutely. SodaStream carbonators are manufactured to exacting specifications that include many unique safety features to protect consumers. Carbonators are safe at virtually any altitude (our customers in the Swiss Alps can attest to that!) and are specially equipped with a safety valve that will harmlessly release the gas in the unlikely event that the pressure within the cylinder rises above threshold levels. Please do not expose your carbonator to extreme heat (such as travel in the trunk of a car, or right next to an oven, stove or fireplace.) Please see above for more information on carbonator safety.

  • My carbonator is empty. Now what do I do?

    You can take your empty carbonator back to any of our retailers where they will swap it for a full one for a small fee.

  • What is the shelf life of the carbonator?

    The carbonator has no expiration date. As long as your carbonator is stored in a temperate environment, your CO2 will remain fresh and usable indefinitely, with no concern of spoilage.


Common Troubleshooting Tips

  • How do I know if the carbonator is empty?

    There are a number of indications that show your carbonator is empty:

    • When you press the carbonating button you will not see any gas going into your bottle of water
    • Even after repeated presses you don't reach the 'buzzing' sound
    • The carbonating button may stay down
    • The carbonator splutters, showing you have run out of CO2

    Please note: SodaStream recommends that you keep a spare carbonator in the cupboard so that when one carbonator runs out, you simply swap the empty carbonator for the full one. That way, you'll keep enjoying fresh, fizzy drinks and can return the empty carbonator as you order your next gas refill.

  • I hear gas escaping from the carbonator. Is this a problem?

    Not at all. Normally after carbonating a bottle of water, there is a small amount of gas in the soda maker. The tilt of the bottle releases that gas as a safety measure. The amount of gas lost is not problematic, as this gas has already passed through the water as a part of the normal carbonation process.

    If you hear gas escaping while you are carbonating your drink (i.e. while pressing the carbonating button) you may need to screw the carbonator more tightly to the soda maker. If the gas continues to escape continuously, this indicates that the sealing washer (the black rubber gasket inside the soda maker where the carbonator connects) is missing or damaged.

    There is a spare washer located inside the soda makers on some, but not all models. We recommend you replace the sealing washer in your soda maker every 18 months to 2 years. Additional spare washers are available through SodaStream Customer Support.

  • I made soda and it made a fizzy mess all over my counter. Why?

    Make sure your carbonating bottle is filled just to the "Water Fill Line" indicator (the lower of the two pronounced ridges near the neck of the bottle.)

    Other possible causes for overflow:

    • Trying to carbonate a liquid other than water
    • Adding syrup to the bottle before attempting to carbonate
    • Not tilting the carbonating bottle when adding syrup flavoring

    If you still have trouble with overflow after checking these tips, please contact Customer Support for advanced troubleshooting!

  • My soda is not flavorful enough.

    The SodaStream system is designed to allow users to choose how sweet and fizzy they want their drinks. If you have used the recommended amount of syrup in your drink, try adding a little more until you find the level of flavor you like best.

    • Fill only to the level of the water fill line, indicated by the blue arrows near the neck of the carbonating bottle. Overfilling the carbonating bottle will result in a more diluted flavor
    • Try a full cap of syrup -- or more -- if you like a stronger or sweeter flavor
    • Shake well after adding syrup to ensure that the syrup mixes completely with the carbonated water